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Southeast Arizona

March 27- April 2, 2010

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Travel Day - Saturday
Birdiing Day 1 - Sunday
Birding Day 2 - Monday
Birding Day 3 - Tuesday
Birding Day 4 - Wednesday
Birding Day 5 - Thursday
Birding and Travel Day 6 - Friday

Concept: A short shared expenses trip to Southeast Arizona for a few days of intensive birding

Participants: Bert Filemyr, Win Shafer

Planning Map:

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The Plan:

Sunday Day 1
Boyce Thompson
Mountain Plover Spot
Sweetwater (Tuscon)
Madera Canyon
Night in Green Valley

Monday Day 2
Kino Springs
Patagonia Roadside Rest
Madera Canyon for night birds

Night in Green Valley

Tuesday Day 3
Florida Canyon
Sierra Vista Environmental Center
San Pedro House
Whitewater Draw

Elf Owls at night
Night in Sierra Vista

Wednesday – Day 4
Garden Canyon (Sheelite, Sawmill)
Miller Canyon
Ramsey Canyon

Night in Sierra Vista

Thursday – Day 5
San Raphael Valley
Mount Lemmon
Night in Phoenix