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Audubon Composite Print Research 2008

A short trip with Jeff Holt, to Texas and Louisiana.

Saturday January 26th - Tuesday January 29th

The purpose of this trip was to do research on the 13 "composite prints" of John James Audubon's Birds of America. There are only two sets of Birds of America which contain all 13 of these plates. One of the sets, J.J Audubon's personal copy, is at the Stark Museum in Orange Texas.

We were granted access to Audubon's personal set at the Stark Museum. We were able to study at length the 13 "composite prints" plus the primary images and the secondary images that were used to create these unique pieces of art. The information gleaned will be used in an upcoming publication. We cannot thank the staff of the Stark Museum enough for their interest in this research.

While in the area we spent two days birding the upper gulf coast in Texas and Lousiana.
Click Here for a species list.
Click Here for a series of pictures of a raptor that has eluded identification

Selected images from the birding and the research.