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A shared expenses adventure to witness the spring migration spectacle along the Platte River

March 19-23, 2007
Bob Cohen, Bert Filemyr, Connie Goldman, Jane Henderson, Ann Scott

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Accepted Responsibilities
Nebraska Counties

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11/19/06 - Vehicle rented. (Budget - Full sized SUV)
11/22/06 - Grand Island lodging reserved
11/25/06 - Flights booked (Great job Connie)

2/25/07- Omaha lodging reserved

These are general thoughts. Nothing is fixed yet.

Overview of the Day
Straight Driving Distance
Day 1
Monday March 19

Fly from Philadelphia to Omaha, Nebraska via Minneapolis on Northwest Airlines. Leaving about 6 am and arriving in Omaha about 11:30 am. (one hour time zone change) Drive to Grand Island, Nebraska. Stopping at Harvard Wildlife Management Area. View the cranes flying in at dusk at the Alda Bridge Road

Harvard WildlifeProduction Area Holiday Inn, Grand Island, Nebraska 147 miles from Omaha to Grand Island
Day 2
Tuesday March 20

Start the day viewing Greater Prairie Chickens on the leck at the edge of the sandhill country. Then an exploration of habitat around there plus a stop at Crane Meadows on the way back to Grand Island. The rest of the day birding the habitat east of Grand Island. Places visited include Clay Center, Hastings, Harvard Wildlife Management Area and areas in and around the old Naval Ammuniton Depot. View the evening fly in from south of the Platte River and the Alda Road Bridge.


Crane Meadows

Harvard WildlifeProduction Area


Holiday Inn, Grand Island, Nebraska  
Day 3
Wednesday March 21
A day of cranes. Start the day at the Alda Bridge Road flyout. Then bird from Grand Island to Kerney stopping multiple times to study the cranes, Snow Geese and other birds. End the day at the Alda Bridge Road fly in.

Crane Meadows

The Rowe Sanctuary and The Iain Nicolson Audubon Center

Holiday Inn, Grand Island, Nebraska  
Day 4
Thursday March 22
Start the day at the Alda Road bridge for the flyout. Drive back to Omaha stopping at Massie Wildlife Production Area, Branched Oak State Park, Wildwood Lake, and ending the day at Manawa Lake State Park

Massie Wildlife Production Area

Lake Manawa State Park

Comfort Inn, Omaha Nebraska  147 miles from Grand Island to Omaha
Day 5
Friday March 22

Fly home to Philadelphia via Detroit on Northwest Airlines. Leaving Omaha around 9:15 am and arriving in Philadelphia about 4:30 pm. (one hour time zone change)

  Home sweet home!  

Accepted Responsibilites

Bert - General planning and coordination, rental vehicle, lodging, checklist printing
Ann - Expense record keeping and reconciliation, natural history of Greater Prairie Chickens, checklist Monday and Thursday evenings
Connie - Natural history of cranes, checklist Tuesday evening
Jane - Sparrow identification, checklist Wednesday evening
Bob - loadmaster


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Nebraska Counties