What is an Ahnentafel?
  Ahnen is the German word for ancestor and an Ahnentafel is a way of doing an ancestor list without using a chart. An Ahnentafel starts with a person, who is number 1, and works back listing ancestors by generation. Each ancestor is numbered and the numbers double for each generation.

For any person who's number is P:
P's father is numbered P*2.
P's mother is numbered (P*2)+1.

The subject has Ahnentafel #1; A subject's father is always #2, paternal grandfather is #4, paternal grandmother is #5, etc.

The Ahnentafel report is similar to a Pedigree chart in that it contains information about the ancestors of a person. Its narrative form, however, allows more information to be included. The report is produced in paragraph style, using sentence structures.

The Ahnentafel reports on the Filemyr Website are produced by The Master Genealogist Version 5.04 as developed by Wholly Genes Software.