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Bull Hill
Guest Ranch
June 28 - July 6

Pictures / Movie Clips by Bert
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Movie Clips (These are HUGE files, they require Windows Media Player)
Wrangling Horses (19 seconds)
Sabine and a Horse (11 seconds)
Wrangling Horses and a Cow (32 seconds)
Wrangling Horses (16 seconds)
    Wrangling Horses (35 seconds)
Pictures by Georgia
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Pictures by Carol
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Pictures by Sabine
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Bird List

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Riding at Bull Hill

Chart of Horses - 2001 and 2002
Western Riding - An Introduction
Dictionary of Horse Terms
Vaulting, Gymnastics on the Back of a Horse

Interesting Web Links

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The Lost Doukhobor Ledge

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Medical Concerns

HAFE - Bull Hill is at 3,110'
SARS - We can never be to cautious!

Topo Map of Ranch Area

Bull Hill Ranch Area